Audio Guestbook

Personalized Messages

The Audio Guestbook enables visitors to create personalized, recorded messages for the host, serving as a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Increased Engagement

The Audio Guestbook has the potential to inspire guests to participate more actively in the event and with one another, resulting in a more memorable experience for all attendees.

Increased Convenience

The Audio Guestbook eliminates the necessity for guests to queue up to sign a traditional guest book, saving time and enabling a more efficient and streamlined operation of the event.

No Wifi Needed

Everything is wireless, and the recordings are directly saved to the phone.

Quick Setup

Setting up the Audio Guest Book is quick and straightforward, taking less than 10 minutes.

Memorable Experience

Our primary focus is to deliver a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests, guaranteeing their satisfaction and happiness throughout their stay with us.

Audio Memories

The Audio Guestbook offers you a chance to immortalize the authentic voices of your wedding attendees. Capture heartfelt messages from the parents of the bride or groom, amusing anecdotes from the Maid of Honor, and even memorable (albeit perhaps regrettable) remarks from a spirited bridesmaid. These audio recordings will evolve into cherished memories throughout the event. Beyond weddings, our Audio Guestbook is a fantastic enhancement for various occasions, including corporate functions, graduation ceremonies, bridal showers, retirement parties, and commemorations of life.

Digital Keepsake


Socialization Among Guests


Budget Friendly


Fast Setup & Breakdown


Our Packages

Audio guestbook

Starting at / $450
  • - Free setup/breakdown
  • - Color of your choice
  • - MP4 with all audio
  • - Travel (TBD)